Fingering his tight little hole

featured: Gin Fritz
89% 20:47 min

While most young men might make do with a quick wank in the shower in the morning, this handsome and incredibly horny guy know the pleasure potential of a good prolonged jack off session. Gin Fritz has been at work all morning thinking about how he's going to spend his afternoon, and while he could have walked along the beach and found any number of guys ready to come and help him relieve himself of his creamy load he's intent to spend a while stroking his gorgeous cock and fingering his tight little hole! Watch as the handsome young man reveals his smooth and slightly toned body, built from years of playing football with his friends, swimming and the occasional gym visit. When Gin reaches into his shorts his uncut cock is already stiff and damp, desperate for a hand wrapped around it. The gorgeous young man complies with his boner's demand, stroking his shaft, revealing his sexy length and his big swinging balls. Watch as Gin pumps his dick in his fist, reaching between his legs to explore the tight pucker crying out something to slide in deep. He's soon lost in his own pleasure as he works his throbbing shaft in his hands, exploring his eager ass with tentative fingers, finally laying back to take himself to the limit of bliss as semen begins to splash from his swollen tip to decorate his smooth body. Pump after pump of cream leaps from his boner to make a delicious mess that he can't help but taste!

Innocent twink boy needs some lessons

featured: Cory Stone, Mason Beam
90% 29:44 min

Mason Beam is a sexy young guy who gets a whole lot of attention around town, but so far he's quite inexperienced. That's all about to change when he meets Cory Stone, an incredibly horny young man who loves nothing more than breaking in a new boy! Back in the bedroom they waste no time, making out and groping each other on the bed, taking each other's shirts off and exploring their tight and smooth bodies. The innocent twink doesn't quite know how this it all going to go, but when his new friend pulls his jeans off and gropes the shape of his cock in his underwear he knows he's going to have a great time. That's even more clear when Cory undoes his own jeans and reveals an incredible length of rock hard cock, twitching for a mouth to slide on. Mason complies, eagerly sucking on the tasty boner offered to him. The taste of precum has him hooked immediately, but when his own gorgeous dick is revealed and his new buddy starts slurping him it seems he might cum any moment! Holding back the temptation to splash their loads early the two take their time, sucking and licking, exploring each other and playfully getting to know their good buddy until the time has come for that tight little virginal ass to be stuffed. For a boy so inexperienced Mason takes it well, every naked inch of Cory's deliciously hard cock sliding in deep and thrusting in and out of his pucker, fucked all over the bed. A little break to rub their stiff cocks together in some awesome frottage is a welcome reprieve, they want to make this last as long as possible before finally squirting off their creamy goodness. The pause serves its purpose, allowing the lesson to continue to until the cream can't be held back. The innocent twink boy is no longer innocent when streams of hot cum are dripping from his adorable face!

Pumping muscle cum

featured: Curtis Silver
87% 17:48 min

It's true what they say about bodybuilders always being horny. Maybe it's the protein shakes or the supplements, or perhaps it's just the sight of all their muscle buddies when they're working out? Whatever it is weightlifters like Curtis Silver need to shoot off their muscle cum loads as often as possible. He's back from a good session at the gym and although he would be more than happy to shoot a load with one of the other lads he's taking care of business solo for this awesome session, leaning up against the statue of a muscular horse while he gropes the growing shape of his urgent and demanding cock in his boxers. When he reveals what he's dealing with we see a perfectly shaped pink length of hard uncut cock, a gorgeous hood of foreskin tapering slightly over the swelling tip. Curtis grabs hold, gently pumping his penis in his grip, his powerful body flexing while he enjoys the pangs of pleasure flooding through him. His incredible body is a sight to behold, every mound of flesh crying out for a hand or a tongue while he relaxes on the couch and focuses on his onanistic task. We wonder what he's imagining when he closes his eyes... is it his girlfriend or some of the other guys from the gym showering, soaping up their own incredibly powerful bodies, shamelessly showing each other their raging erections and admiring their friends discreetly as they masturbate together? Whatever he's thinking about it certainly does the trick, bringing him closer and closer to climax, the waves of orgasmic sensation rushing through his awesome body, hot splashes of milky cum pumping from his well-worked manhood!

Squirting warm twink cum

featured: Paul Scott
86% 20:18 min

All boys have their hobbies, and while some might enjoy football while others enjoy swimming, all boys have one thing in common... they love to play with their dick and shoot off some hot twink cum! While it has to be said that most young guys make do with a quick stroke and a splash of their juices some really know how to enjoy their hard uncut boner and take themselves to a world of horny pleasure in every one of their jerk off sessions. Gorgeous Paul Scott is most certainly an experienced masturbator, he knows how to satisfy himself and really prolong the experience while we watch. You'll struggle not to join in and stroke along when you see this handsome and smooth young man revealing his body and that hard pink erection, his length soon throbbing and bulging in his grip as his hand slides along the shaft, his damp foreskin slipping over the swollen tip. Closing his eyes and imagining his friends in the shower or how a cock would feel sliding into his smooth and tight little pucker Paul shows off his hole, kneeling on the floor and inviting us to see it too. Perhaps imagining a specific friend plunging into his ass he focuses his attention on pleasuring his dick, his pace quickening as he lays back in the seat, his perfect pink balls bouncing and jostling as his cum load grows and grows. Soon he can't stop himself, it becomes too much to bear! Semen spews from his amazing teen cock, splashing in ropes up his gorgeous body, streams of warm pleasure flowing in rivers down his chest and stomach!

Pleasing his horny friend

featured: Cory Stone, Vlad Petrov
90% 31:11 min

Cory Stone the kind of horny buddy who is always on the lookout for some warm ass to fill, and his handsome blond pal Vlad Petrov isn't so straight that he would turn down the chance to play with another dick and taste some boner! The two start to get on the couch and before too long their shirts are off and their fit bodies are being explored. Our gorgeous blond boy might not be too familiar with other guy's dicks but he's happy to get so much attention when Cory strips him naked and starts to oil him up. With his tight butt in the air and his hole exposed his friend slips in a slick finger, probing his pucker and turning him on enough to crave the taste of cock. When his inexperienced mouth parts to slide over the throbbing tip of his buddy's impressive cock something clearly happens, what begins as a tentative taste of his first dick becomes a greedy slurping as Vlad tries to suck more of that engorged tool into his mouth. His greedy mouth isn't the only unfucked orifice taking a lesson in dick pleasing, soon Cory is taking aim at his virginal hole, easing his naked helmet into the tight opening and following it up with every inch of his awesome boner, thrusting in and out of his friend from behind, fucking him on his back and wanking him off, plunging in and out of his tender little ass until the pleasure becomes too much and he pulls out to splash hot man juice all over the freshly plundered boy hole! All that remains is to mark his territory properly, easing his sticky raw cock right back inside to leave a little of his load in him.