A muscle jack off afternoon

featured: Curtis Silver
85% 21:26 min

What could be better than spending the afternoon enjoying your cock and pleasuring yourself the way you like to be pleasured? Okay, maybe having a buddy there to share it with might be preferable, but something tells me this handsome and horny young hunk could pick up any one of his buddies at the gym to share some fun with and he's chosen to spend some time working his own load from his own gorgeous dick, and who can blame him with a cock like that! Curtis Silver takes off his shirt and we see the fruits of his gym efforts, but that's just the start. The growing shape of his powerful cock in his tight little blue underwear is soon revealed and we see a perfectly pink and hooded length of muscle meat for him to play with. The end of his cock pokes out, the foreskin slipping back as he wets the spongy helmet with spit and works his tool in his shorts. Finally freed and out in the open his solid pink shaft bulges in his powerful grip, the hood of his manhood slipping over the tip with every slide of his hand. Curtis moves around the couch, enjoying his erection in various positions, showing off his incredible body while his cock aches for release. He's no quick stroker, he likes to take his time and fully enjoy his penis, jacking off and savoring the sensation of pleasure rushing through his awesome body until it takes over and thick white cum begins pumping from his flared tip to splash over his tight stomach! I bet some of his gym buddies are pissed they missed out on that load!

Fucked raw by a straight friend

featured: Cory Stone, Jimmy Cooper
89% 30:19 min

Everyone probably knows at least one straight friend who would go a little gay if the timing was right and they need to get off. Fit young Cory Stone has just the right kind of friend to have some fun with in Jimmy Cooper, a handsome guy with a fit body and a big uncut cock in his pants that he'll gladly feed him. With a little kissing to break the ice Jason's wet and eager boner is soon out and slipping between his gay friend's lips, the boy's experienced mouth sliding up and down the throbbing length. He clearly loves having a talented mouth on his cock, but there's no denying that he's after that tight little bareback ass. The horny straight lad lets his friend work his tool and even grabs his buddy's cock to jack him off and suck him in appreciation too, but once he's gets the chance to ease his naked inches into his friend's hole Jimmy can't hold back. A little groping and fingering of that snug little pucker and soon enough his slipping his rigid cock into him, fucking adorable Jimmy from behind, spooning him, jabbing him deep with his rampant dick and building up their pleasure until their semen needs to be splashed! Our sweet bottom boy jacks his dick and starts to squirt while his friend feeds him his tool and wanks off his in face, finishing with a massive mess of hot straight cream splashing over him! I don't think this is the last time his straight friend will be sharing his dick with him.

Jacking twink delivers hot goo

featured: Gin Fritz
86% 24:25 min

Gin Fritz loves working out, but it always makes him so super horny. Back from the gym and with no one to play with he knows he has to take care of business himself, but this isn't going to be a quick tug and spurt session. While a lot of other guys he sees at the gym probably go home and quickly please their dick before going about their evening he likes to fully immerse himself in his solo pleasure, and we're coming along for the ride! Groping the growing length of cock in his shorts Gin starts to explore his body, revealing more with every passing moment until his uncut shaft is exposed and ready to be stroked and toyed with. The fit young man takes a seat on the couch, his smooth body showing the developing definition from his hours at the gym. His balls gently bounce as his hand slides up and down his rigid cock, the damp hood of skin slipping over his engorged tip, the pleasure washing through him in waves. His free hand slips between his thighs, a finger brushing across the twitching hole where he craves a cock to slide inside. Closing his eyes and thinking about the sexiest guys at the gym that day he's lost in pleasure, bending over to show his pucker, toying with himself and gazing longingly to us with an invite to come and fill him. Not a man watching would be able to resist such an opportunity, but for now Gin needs to satisfy his immediate needs, laying back on the couch and jacking off, pumping his pink length until streams of hot white goo pump in repetitive bursts to flood over his treasure trail. With a little taste of his creamy reward he bids us goodnight, and we're all left wondering what gym he goes to.

Any warm hole is a goal

featured: Cory Stone, Todd Carter
89% 30:09 min

Cory Stone is a handsome and horny lad, and he has needs. Thankfully he has a friend he can use and enjoy to get himself off. His sexy pal Todd Carter isn't likely to turn down the chance to suck such a tasty dick and take a great fucking, so when Cory arrives looking to get a load pumping he's more than happy to start servicing that hard erection. The fit guy offers his hairy hole to start the fun, his boxers shucked down and his butt in the air, a finger and then a toy sliding in to open his hairy pucker and get him used to the feel of something penetrating him. It seems he loves having his hole explored, it only gets him more eager for a taste of Cory's hard uncut cock. The gorgeously rugged top feeds him his delicious dong, his dick tip slick with precum and spit as he slides his veiny shaft in and out of the handsome young man's mouth. Slurped and rigid Cory takes aim at his pal's butt, parting Todd's cheeks and sliding the end of his bareback cock inside, gradually filling him up with boner and fucking him raw all over the couch. The fit boy's rump takes a great ramming, his hairy cheeks parted and the well-worked redness of his ass on show for Cory to splash with cum! Finally satisfied and spent, his hot white cream smeared all over his friend's hairy hole, Cory can go about his day, knowing that his pal will be there ready for another fucking next time.

An incredible twink cum load!

featured: Paul Scott
84% 26:14 min

Paul Scott been in classes at college all day, but because he hasn't had the time to jack off or hook up with any other guys on campus for a few days it's all he can think about. While he could have gone looking for someone to share his cream with he's decided to head straight home and satisfy himself in an incredible session of solo masturbation, and we get the chance to explore it with him! The gorgeous young man is certainly skilled in the art of self pleasure. He's not the kind of boy to just rub one out in the showers after swimming practice or football (unless he has a friend with him) he likes to take his time and really build up a good head of steam. Watch as Paul slowly reveals his smooth and fit young body, his long and pink cock flopping out of his boxer shorts ready to be tugged and massaged. Big low hanging balls bounce around while he pumps his dick to full hardness, the damp hood of pink foreskin over his swelling tip slipping over the flesh and generating waves of slow pleasure creeping through his awesome body. Kneeling and bending over the stunning young student displays his most secret spot, flashing us his perfect little pucker and inviting us to come and taste it for him. Perhaps he's thinking about your tongue in there as he takes a seat and sets to work on getting his load gushing, but when he eases a finger in and gently probes himself you know he's imagining a hard cock sliding in and out. Finally it becomes too much to bear, the pleasure taking over and rushing through his body as an incredible shower of semen erupts from Paul's cock, launching up over his shoulder, splashing down his chest and decorating his stomach! He's been holding on to that load for a while, no wonder he shot so much!